Bulletproof Confidence

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Have you ever thought you should have been born with an instruction book for your brain?

Well here it is! The Missing Mind Manual.

Have you ever found that your self confidence sometimes just crashes or simply disappears? Our confidence levels can be easily shaken by negative comments from work colleagues, friends or even family. Or maybe it’s that self sabotaging voice inside your head telling you “you’re not good enough.”
The Bulletproof Course will help you understand the key to removing self limiting beliefs that lead to stress, worries, brain fog and overwhelm.

Join David Knight and the power of Hypnotic Self Confidence.
Discover the 8 Levels of Self Confidence that will boost your inner self esteem and get you back on track. It’s time to take back your power!

It's time to take control of your subconscious mind to build your personal self confidence and self esteem. It's time to become Bulletproof!

Take a fascinating journey into the power of your mind.
The Missing Mind Manual Ebook will help you unlock the magic hidden within your subconscious allowing you to understand who you are today and how your journey has created everything about you.

Your subconscious mind can be your best friend or your worst enemy. We all know people who will simply do anything to self sabotage and prevent their own success.

The fact is, most things that we want to change are programmed into our subconscious thought pattens. Change subconsciously and everything else changes.

Each month you will learn a new strategy to help you take control of your subconscious thoughts. This will allow you to make change faster and easier than ever before. Hypnosis is the difference between taking the journey on a bicycle or a jet plane!

Each month you will discover the 8 Levels of Self Confidence that will blast you away from negative self limiting beliefs and towards personal confidence and self esteem.

It's simple; Master Your Mind and You Master Your Life

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Do you struggle on a regular basis with a lack of confidence. This can simply mean unhappy in social situations through to more severe cases where you don't even want to leave the house? Stress, worry, anxiety, overwhelm or possibly even brain fog can be totally debilitating for millions of people. However the solution is simple, fast, easy. If you have self limiting beliefs or past emotions that you would like to move away from this Bulletproof Program is your fast and powerful solution.

Bulletproof Consists of
The Missing Mind Manual
8 Levels of Self Confidence Ebook
The Head Cleaner Hypnosis Audio

4 Downloadable Bulletproof Hypnosis Audios
4 Podcast Downloads
12 x 60 minutes of Live Group Coaching
12 x 30 minute Live Hypnosis Mindset Sessions
Recorded Access For Missed Zooms
12 Months of Email Guidance
12 Months of Facebook Group Support

One Payment of Just £400
Or Pay As You Go £100

Program One - £100

Program Two - £100

Program Three - £100

Program Four - £100

Bulletproof Confidence Support
All training courses come with full support from David Knight Hypnosis and the Mind Persuader Membership Program.

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David Knight Hypnosis Life Coach

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